Klondike Game Variations

When Klondike is the selected solitaire game, the following game rule variations will be available from the Rules Selection screen:
Rule 1 - Deal 3, Unlimited Passes
Cards are dealt from the stock 3 at a time. You are allowed an unlimited number of passes through the stock, but the score is reduced every re-deal after the third pass. This rule is more common in the UK and is my favourite which is why it's the default rule.
Rule 2 - Deal 1, 3 Passes
Cards are dealt from the stock 1 at a time. Only 3 passes through the stock are allowed and the score is reduced every re-deal. Dealing one card at a time seems to be more popular in America.
Rule 3 - Deal 1, No Re-deals
Cards are dealt from the stock 1 at a time but no re-deals are allowed. This variation of Klondike is very difficult to complete but, if achieved, should prove to be quite high scoring since the score won't have been eaten away by the numerous passes through the stock that is likely when playing other rules.
Rule 4 - Deal 1, Unlimited Passes
Cards are dealt from the stock 1 at a time but you can keep re-dealing until the game blocks.
Rule 5 - Deal 3, Vegas Rules
This version of Klondike is based on a gambling game that people reportedly, used to play in Las Vegas. You pay the house $52 to play a single game, $1 for every card in the deck. Cards are dealt 3 at a time and you win $5 for every card you release to the foundations. Therefore, to become profitable, you must get 11 cards out. The maximum score for this game is $208, if you win.
Rule 6 - Deal 1, Vegas Rules
This rule is identical to Rule 5, except cards are dealt from the stock 1 at a time instead of 3.
Rule 7 to 12 - Split Columns
Some people are used to playing Klondike where they are allowed to split a column of face up cards and move just a section of it to another pile. Rules 7 to 12 should keep these people happy as they are identical to rules 1 to 6 but allow this split column movement.

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