Cribbage Squares Game Variations

When Cribbage Squares is the selected solitaire game, the following game rule variations will be available from the Rules Selection screen:
Rule 1 - Two 5 Card Reserves
Two reserves exist where you may transfer up to 5 cards from the stock, if you are unsure where to place them. The top exposed card of the either reserve may be played to the Cribbage Square at any time. I find that two reserves increases the level of skill required in Cribbage Squares.
Rule 2 - One 5 Card Reserve
The game is identical to Rule 1 except only one reserve is available. This makes high Cribbage scores a bit more difficult with the element of luck creeping in too much for my liking.
Rule 3 - No Reserves
Most books on solitaire describe this version of Cribbage Squares, with no reserve. However, I find it ridiculously difficult and random. With only the first 17 cards of the 52 being available, there is far too much luck involved for me to find it enjoyable. You may think differently though, so here it is.

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Cribbage Squares on iPhone
Cribbage Squares on iPhone
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