Yukon Scoring

The Good Points

Turning over a face down tableau card+250 Points (max = 5250)
Transferring a card to the foundations+125 Points (max = 6500)

And Now The Bad 'uns

Every second of elapsed time-1 Point 
Every time Undo is used-50 Points

Completion Bonus

When the game is completed, you will receive a bonus calculated in the following way:

Bonus = (End of Game Score) - (25 x Time Taken)

If you completed the game in our usual, impossible, hypothetical, zero seconds, then the maximum possible score would be:

5250 + 6500 + 5250 + 6500 = 23,500

Completing a game of Yukon in 3 minutes without using any Undo's would give you a very credible score of 18,640 points.

How To Play Yukon
Yukon Game Variations

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