Solitaire City for Windows

Solitaire City for Windows

Solitaire CityTM for Windows v

(Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista, XP, 2000)
Solitaire City for Windows

Solitaire CityTM is a collection of solitaire card games of the highest quality, played against the clock for points. The faster you complete a solitaire game, the higher your score. Solitaire City automatically downloads the best scores of solitaire players from all around the world for real-time online tournaments. Try to beat the best solitaire players in the world or just compete against yourself or friends, trying to shave a few seconds off your best time. Solitaire City is incredibly addictive!

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All Major Credit Cards
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Design Solitaire Cardsets Download New Cardsets

Solitaire Setty, the free cardset design tool is now available in a brand new version that supports the new Jumbo and King Size cardsets. Create your own cardsets for Solitaire City. Download your free copy of Solitaire Setty here.

Solitaire City Features ...

Unique, timed scoring system with online leaderboards and local hi-score tables.
Over 300 Daily, Weekly and All Time Greats online leaderboards, automatically downloaded to your computer.
15 different solitaire games with over 65 game rule variations:
Spider One, Two and Four Suits
Spiderette One, Two and Four Suits
FreeCell (7 game variations)
Klondike (12 variations including Deal 1 and 3)
Double Klondike (3 game variations)
Demon / Canfield (4 game variations)
Poker Squares (4 game variations)
Pyramid (4 game variations)
Cribbage Squares (3 game variations)
Golf (4 game variations)
Casket (2 game variations)
Alternations (4 game variations)
Eliminator (3 game variations)
Yukon (3 game variations)
Tri-Peaks (2 game variations)
Fan Games (6 game variations)
Unique hands-on training teaches you the rules while you play.
Choose from many HUGE, high quality card sets.
Customize the card sets, backgrounds and sound effects.
Unlimited Undos.
A life time of Free updates.
Free technical support.

Solitaire City is also available for Palm OS® Palm OS Solitaire
Windows Mobile / Pocket PC Windows Mobile/Pocket PC Solitaire
and Macintosh Macintosh Solitaire

iPhone, iPad
iPod touch
iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
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