Poker Squares Game Variations

When Poker Squares is the selected solitaire game, the following game rule variations will be available under the Rules menu:
Rule 1 - 5 Card Reserve
A reserve exists where you may transfer up to 5 cards from the stock if you can't place them anywhere constructive. The top exposed card of the reserve may be played to the Poker Square if circumstances change in its favour.
Rule 2 - No Reserve
Most books on solitaire describe this version of Poker Squares that has no reserve. However, I find it a bit too difficult and much more skillful and fun with a reserve.
Rule 3 to 4 - Diagonal Win Lines
Rules 3 and 4 are identical to rules 1 and 2 except the two diagonal lines running from corner to corner are used as additional win lines.

How To Play Poker Squares
Poker Squares Scoring

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