What's New With Solitaire City for Macintosh ?

6th August 2010
Solitaire City v4.04 is now available for download. You can now click on an the chequered flag to auto-finish a game of FreeCell.
21st June 2010
Solitaire City v4.03 is now available for download. If you tried to register an earlier Solitaire City version with a user account that didn't have Administrator access then an error message would appear saying Couldn't open file for writing: "SolCity_Mac.RegKey".
19th June 2010
Solitaire City v4.02 is now available for download. This update fixes a bug that caused the game to crash immediately during start up on some machines after you registered the game.
16th June 2010
Solitaire City v4.01 is now available for download. It will hopefully make installing your registration key a lot easier and also addresses some issues with older PowerPC based Macs.
9th June 2010
Solitaire City is now available for Macintosh computers! Even though the launch version number is 4.00, this is the very first edition for Macintosh. I want to keep the version number feature identical to the Windows version. The game should work on both Intel and older PowerPC based Macs if they're running OS X v10.4 or higher. So what are you waiting for ? Download your Free Trial NOW!
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