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Updates are free. If you bought Solitaire City through Apple's Mac App Store then DO NOT download updates from this website. Instead, use the Mac App Store to update to the latest version. If you used this website to buy a Registration Key from BMT Micro then simply use the above link to download the latest Trial Version and install it over your Registered Version and it will unlock automatically.

Solitaire City for Macintosh
Solitaire City for Macintosh v (.dmg)
Card Sets
Solitaire City for Windows
Solitaire City for Windows v (.exe)
Solitaire Setty for Windows v (Free card set designer)
Card Sets
Solitaire City for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch
Solitaire City Lite (Free)
Solitaire City Deluxe ($5.99)
Solitaire City Classic ($0.99)
Solitaire City for Pocket PC
v - Windows Self-Extracting Executable (.exe)
Card Sets
Solitaire City for Palm OS
v1.02 - Windows Self-Extracting Executable (.exe) 1.86 MB
v1.02 - Apple Macintosh (.sit) StuffIt Archive 0.84 MB

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