FreeCell Strategy

Before moving any cards, at the start of each game, analyze the layout and try to locate problem spots such as Aces and other low cards that are buried deep down in a tableau column. Then develop a plan to free them as soon as possible. In general, games that have low cards dealt near the bottom of columns will be easier than games that are dealt low cards buried deep into the tableau columns.
Try to keep as many FreeCells open as possible. You can move longer sequences of cards if you have a lot of empty FreeCells. Once you are down to one or two empty FreeCells then it becomes very difficult to progress.
Clear out tableau columns if possible. An empty tableau column is more powerful than an empty FreeCell as they double the number of cards that can be moved as a packed sequence.
Fill an empty tableau column with an entire descending sequence of alternating colours. If a tableau column contains nothing but a full packed sequence with no cards above it then you can simply leave it there and forget about it for the rest of the game as it won't be blocking any cards of lower rank that need to be released.
Try to create packed sequences of cards in the tableau rather than hogging the FreeCells.

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