FreeCell Scoring

Most computer FreeCell games don't feature a scoring system. Players try to see how many consecutive games they can win, known as a Streak. Solitaire City is a little different and lets you play against the clock. The faster you complete a game of FreeCell, the higher your score. You can upload your best scores to the Solitaire City website or just play amongst friends, trying to each others scores. The original Microsoft FreeCell game numbers are included in Rule 7, for players who want to play the old fashioned way. Here is the scoring system for the timed games:

The Good Points

Transferring a card to a HomeCell+250 Points (max = 13,000)

The Bad Points

Every second of elapsed time-1 Point 
Every time Undo is used-100 Points

Completion Bonus

A bonus starts at 15,000 (12,500 for Rule 2 - Easy) and counts down by -25 points every second. You are awarded the bonus if you complete the game.

The maximum possible score would be 13,000 + 15,000 Bonus = 28,000 but only if you completed the game in the blink of an eye.

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