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The very first version of Microsoft FreeCell allowed you to enter a game number between 0 and 32000 which has been increased to 100000 in more recent versions. Most Solitaire City FreeCell game rules will deal you a completely random arrangement of cards every time you play. However, if you select Rule 7 - Enter Game Number from the Rules menu then you will be able to play the exact same deal every time by entering a game number between 0 and 4294967295. The following dialog box will appear each time you start a new game of FreeCell while playing Rule 7: Close the dialog box and play the next game of FreeCell using the same game number as last time. Increase the game number by 1. Decrease the game number by 1. Click inside this edit box to type a new game number using your keyboard. Click on the Randomize button to have the computer select a random game number for you. Click the OK button to use the new game number you have selected. Click the Cancel button to re-use the last game number that was used. Click the Help button to return to this help page.
FreeCell Game Number Dialog Box

If you enter a game number between 0 and 100000, you will be able to play the exact same card layout as a Microsoft FreeCell game number, including the infamous game number 11982 which is the only unsolvable deal in the first 32000 games. Numbers above 100000 will be unique to Solitaire City. It would be unfair to allow a scoring system for this type of game as you could simply practice the same deal over and over again until you were able to complete it in record time. Therefore, the timed scoring system has been removed for Rule 7 which has only been included for those people who like to solve the Microsoft game numbers.

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