Eliminator Scoring

Eliminator is a speed game so shift those cards as fast as you can !

The Good Points

Building a non suited card on a foundation+250 Points
Building a suited card on a foundation+500 Points
Clearing out a column+1000 Points

The Bad Points

Every second of elapsed time-1 Point 
Every time Undo is used-100 Points
Double clicking or right clicking on a card that can't be moved to the foundations-1000 Points

Completion Bonus

A 5000 point Bonus is counting down at the rate of -25 every second. You are awarded this bonus if you win the game by clearing out all the columns.

The maximum theoretical score is: (4 x 250 Points) + (48 x 500) + (4 x 1000 Points) + 5000 Bonus = 34,000

Of course this score is impossible as it assumes you completed the game in a nanosecond.

How To Play Eliminator
Eliminator Game Variations

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