Double Klondike Scoring

Good Points

Turning over a face down tableau card+50 Points (max = 1800)
Playing a card from the stock to the tableau+25 Points (max = 1475)
Playing a card from the tableau to the foundations+50 Points (max = 5200)
Playing a card from the stock to the foundations+75 Points

Bad Points

Every second of elapsed time-1 Point 
Every time Undo is used-25 Points
Moving a foundation card back to the tableau-75 Points
Each re-deal after the fifth pass through the stock (Deal 3)-100 Points
Each re-deal after the second pass through the stock (Deal 1)-100 Points

Completion Bonus

When the game is completed, you will receive a bonus calculated in the following way:

Bonus = End of Game Score - (10 x Time Taken)

The maximum end of game score, ignoring time taken is 1800 + 1475 + 5200 = 8475. Therefore the theoretical maximum score possible is 16,950. However, an average game can take around 8 minutes, in which case your end of game score would be 8475 - (8 x 60) = 7995. Your completion bonus would then be 7995 - (10 x 8 x 60) = 3195 giving a grand total of 11,190

How To Play Double Klondike
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