Demon Game Variations

When Demon is the selected solitaire game, the following game rule variations will be available under the Rules menu:
Rule 1 - Deal 13 To The Demon
13 cards are dealt to The Demon reserve. This is the standard way to play Demon.
Rule 2 - Deal 10 To The Demon
10 cards are dealt to The Demon reserve. This makes the game slightly easier because once the Demon has been exhausted, any empty spaces in the tableau can be filled with cards from the waste pile at an advantageous time.
Rule 3 - Canfield Casino : Turn 1, No Re-deals
Just for a bit of fun, I've decided to include the original game that Mr. Canfield found so profitable in his Casino in Saratoga. You buy a pack of cards for $50, and are allowed a single pass of the stock, dealing one card at a time. You win $5 for every card in the foundation piles at the end of the game or $500 if the game comes out. The game isn't played against the clock and your score will start at -$45 which represents -$50 for the pack of cards that you have bought +$5 for the foundation card that is dealt at the start of every game. It is estimated that Canfield stood to make $20 to $25 from each game. See if he rips you off too !

Richard Clarke from Connecticut, sent me a screenshot of his Canfield Casino hi-score table that he'd completely filled with the maximum prize of $500. It had taken him 18,747 games of Canfield, which equates to 1 in 1250 games that the game actually came out. This goes to show how difficult it is to win the full $500, not to mention how crazy Mr Clarke is !
Rule 4 - Canfield Casino : Turn 3, Two Passes
Canfield won so often that before long there were no takers, so players were given the choice of playing to the original rules or to turn three cards at a time with two passes through the stock. Even then, he continued to make a fortune !

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