Alternations Scoring

Here's The Good Stuff

Turning over a face down tableau card+125 Points (max = 2625)
Playing a card from stock to tableau+50 Points (max = 2750)
Transferring a card from the tableau to the foundations+100 Points (max = 10,400)
Transferring a card directly from the stock to the foundations+45 Points

The Stuff You Want To Avoid

Every second of elapsed time (a bit tricky to avoid)-1 Point 
Every time Undo is used-50 Points

Completion Bonus

When the game is completed, you will receive a bonus calculated in the following way:

Bonus = End of Game Score - (20 x Time Taken)

The highest end of game score possible is 15,775 which is only possible if you transfer each of the stock cards to the tableau before sending them to the foundations (rather than dispatching them directly). Then, if you had taken no time to complete the game, you would receive a bonus of 15,775 taking you to an impossible total of 31,550 ! As you will be doing incredibly well to finish the game in under 3 minutes then a score of 28,000+ will be a phenomenal achievement !

How To Play Alternations
Alternations Game Variations

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